Understand at a Glance.

OneVoice is designed to be easily understood by all ages. No more getting lost as you go too deep into multi-level categories, or losing track of where words are. The straightforward interface doesn’t require hours of training to find words.

OneVoice is ready to use right away. No need to setup or configure anything. Though to get the most out of it you will want to personalize the vocabulary.

Learn the Basics

To start follow the simple steps shown on the right. Once you have the app installed everything is quite clear.

Beautiful Icons.

Each of our icons are designed specifically for use in OneVoice.

Real-world Focus.

Images actually look like real-life objects, rather than abstract stick figures.

Expressive Emoticons.

The “I Feel” section has a wide selection of emoticons to make it easier to select a mood or feeling.


OneVoice is Designed to be Personal.

The settings popover allows you to customize voice speed and choose between four high quality voices. Also from here you can enable edit mode to modify or remove categories and words. All customization is done directly on the iPad, without needing a computer. No need to wait until you get home to add new important phrases.

Your Vocabulary.

Very soon you will realize that the default vocabulary is limited for you. When that happens turn on edit mode and start personalizing. Add new categories, then create phrases within any category. With each phrase you can choose from our icon set or add your own photos.

Use Your Own Photos.

You can bring photos from your computer onto the iPad to use in OneVoice. Also with Apple’s Camera Connection Kit you can plug your camera directly into the iPad and download photos. Make it so a list of friends and family has photos of each person!

Type Anything.

You don’t have to only use the existing words to build sentences. At anytime you can tap the sentence box to add say anything with the full keyboard.

Beginner & Advanced Modes

By default OneVoice will allow you to build a full sentence, then press speak to hear it. The “Speak Each Word” setting changes that so that each word is spoken immediately. This is better for kids who may just press “bubbles” rather than trying to say “I want to play with bubbles.”

Universal Application

Purchase OneVoice once and install it on any iOS device. Each view has been reworked so that it creates a great experience on smaller screens.

Single Purchase

Because both versions of OneVoice are bundled into the application there is no need to purchase it multiple times if you want it on two different devices.

I couldn't be happier with what OneVoice has done for my daughter, and she loves being able to make her own choices now. It's been wonderful.”
- Shellie Haskell
Purchase OneVoice $199 From The App Store