I Can’t Hear the Voices

Check the volume/mute switch on the side of your iPad. If it is set to mute then you won’t be able to hear the voices. If that doesn’t work turn up the volume as well.

How do I Reorder Phrases?

First turn on Edit Mode. Then tap and hold on a Phrase tile until it grows, now drag it into the new location. When you are done make sure to turn off Edit Mode.

How do I get pictures onto my iPad?

1. Connect your iPad to your computer with the USB to iPad cable.

2. Launch iTunes on the computer. In iTunes, under devices, select your iPad. You now have all the tabs on the
top of the window. Select the “Photos” tab.

3. Check the Sync Photos check box. This activates the option, now
you can sync with your photo library and select “All photos and
albums” or specific events with “Selected albums and events…”

4. Once you have selected the photos or albums, select Sync in the lower right corner.

Then the photos will be available within OneVoice on your iPad.

What case should I purchase for my iPad?

Though there are plenty of strong cases for the iPad, the one we recommend is the Defender Case by Otterbox.

How do I backup OneVoice vocabulary?

OneVoice is backed up, like all other iOS apps, through iTunes on your computer. Here is detailed information from Apple on how to create and restore from backups: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4079